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Our state of the art, computerized diagnostic instrumentation

AUTOREFRACTOR: Fast and accurate analysis of your eye prescription

CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER: Precisely maps the outside curvature of your eye for difficult to fit contact lenses, as well as active corneal diseases. Also maps the extent of corneal damage from prior corneal diseases and formerly undiagnosed problems secondary to contact lens over wear.

RETINAL CAMERA: Digital photography to evaluate and monitor eye related diseases (e.g. macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, Lasik, cancer and hypertension)

VISUAL FIELD ANALYZER: Central and peripheral field testing is measured.

OCT – OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY: Detects glaucoma up to seven years earlier than the air puff test, monitors changes and analyzes macula for early detection of macular degeneration and other diseases of the internal eye.

AUTOLENSOMETER: Measures your eyeglasses to ensure exacting prescriptions in our optical lab.

WAVEFRONT ABEROMETRY: Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are 1st order aberrations. This instrument measures 2nd and 3rd order aberations as well. These aberations are often responsible for poor night vision, shadows, and ghost images.