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Alan J

AlanJ AdAlan J eyewear is a brand owned by Europa Eyewear. The Illinois-based company was started in 1977 by Alan J and Cynthia Shapiro as a local distributor. Over the last 40 years, Europa has grown into an internationally recognized eyewear company with sales in more than 20 countries, while every piece is still proudly made in the USA.

The Alan J collection is named after the company’s founder and maintains the spirit of originality and prime construction. The exclusive, 15-piece collection offers classily masculine looks paired with superior craftsmanship.

Alan J frames are available in shades like teak, midnight, charcoal, and iron, and for a contemporary pop of color, canary yellow! Gradient styles are right on-trend and high-quality materials ensure remarkable comfort and durability.

View the newest Alan J collection on the Europa Eyewear website.